Home Made Mouse Trap – Version One

Simple bucket based mouse trap

There are a number of ways in which you can build a simple mouse trap to deal with situations where there are only a few mice you need to catch. Over the next few days we will feature a few different mouse trap methods. Many home made mouse traps make use of a bucket and some sort of lever or unstable perch that will drop the rodent into the bucket. Our fist example of a Do-It-Yourself mouse trap is the classic tipping lever. The mechanics are simple. The rodent is provided with a ramp or some means to get to the top of the bucket and bait (generally peanut butter) is placed just far enough out on a lever so that when the rodent moves out to get it basic physics takes over and the rodent tips the lever so that the critter is deposited in the bucket.

A Humane or Lethal Mouse Trap

This sort of trap can be a “humane” trap, if you check it frequently. Note though, if you catch a mouce in your house and release it just outside you home, it will likely return to your home. If you do catch ‘em live, make sure to take them far away from any dwelling. If you want to make it a more lethal trap, fill the bottom of the bucket with water and the rodents will drown.

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